Fast programming for newbies using DR robot platforms


I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering.

I need to know if a newbie (like me) is able to program easily the following plaform to pick-up a plug and to plug it in a wall 10 meters away?

Dr. Robot Jaguar Robotic Arm + Dr. Robot Jaguar Lite Tracked Mobile Platform (Chassis and Motors)

Do i need specific softwares and skills?

Many thanks for your help,


@laurentcol Welcome to the RobotShop Community. There are two (main) ways to go about that task, explained below:

Human controlled: Certain possible, and the success depends on the skills of the operator. Very little programming is needed.

Autonomous control: Difficult even for the most experienced programmer since the best way is to use computer vision which needs to identify and properly orient both the plug and wall outlet, and then manipulate the plug to the correct orientation (which that type of arm can’t do because of its limited degrees of freedom). It also needs to know where to find the wall outlet in a 3D environment.

You’ve also created a post under the Robots section of the community, though that category is where designers show off and explain their creations. Since you’re effectively asking questions and looking for advice, we’ve put the Robot post in draft mode (rather than deleting it):

Based on what you wrote there, you will need to hire experts in computer vision and firmware development. This is not an easy project which is why it takes a team of highly skilled engineers at a company like Tesla to develop robots to help with charging EVs.

  • grab a wire with its plug, plugged in a wall
  • move to my EV car and then to plug it in it !
  • I need a manipulating arm
  • I need a programmable mobile platform to do it in autonomy
  • I need to locate the source and destination plugs…