Fairly new to this and need some guidance with Rover 5, Arduino Uno, Dagu 4 channel motor controller and SRF-05

Hi all,


fairly new to all this; have managed to build a basic obstacle avoidance robot with some guidance from luckylarry.co.uk. Now looking to use the Rover 5 platform and my arduino uno, however I don't know where to start with the control. In the past I have used SN754410 H-bridge chips but this time I've invested in the Dagu 4 channel controller.

From what I can find on this site the Uno has insufficient pins to control the motors and use the encoders. My question is, can I use the UNO to control the motor shield without the encoders? If so how would I set this up? And does anyone have a similar sketch I could upload to get to grips with?

Many thanks in advance


Are you sure there aren’t

Are you sure there aren’t enough pins? The UNO has 19 digital pins and six analouge pins, which can be used as digital ones, that makes a total of 24 pins, does it really use that many pins?:slight_smile:

right kind of pins

It is the fact that you only have 2 interrupts on the UNO is why you “don’t have enough pins”. In terms of hooking it up without encoders --Just hook it up without encoders. Each motor gets a pin for direction and a pin for speed (speed going to a PWM pin on the arduino) and that is basically it. Just don’t connect anything to the encoders.