Failure charging 18650 3.7v battery using power bank charging module for robotic car

I recently made a 2WD Smartphone Controlled Robotic Car. Previously there was problem uploading code to the board, which got solved…
A few new problem arose:

  1. The NodeMCU board on connecting with smartphone works fine for sometime and then gradually it started disconnecting from smartphone within few seconds… The blue LED also goes off

I think this issue is because of low battery… But I am also surprised that the L298N has its red LED still on!

2)I am trying to charge my 1800mAh 18650 battery using Power Bank Charging Module… First of all please tell me is it necessary to use TP4056?

When I try to charge the battery instead of increasing it further drained itself from something around 2.90V to 0.00V
Why is it that so?
Thanks jn advance

See topics for answer: Esptool.fatalerror: Failed to connect esp8266: Timed out waiting for packet header

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Hmmm… Thanks a lot for helping me out all the way from errors and issues to finally completing it!!!