Experiments with FlowBotics Studio

I was keen to give FlowBotics Studio a go after reading about it in the FlowBotics Studio App Competition.

Installing it and playing with different features I had trouble following some examples, namely where there was use of the Multi Osc (for making a sine wave to be played out over the computers speakers) and trying my hand at programming in Ruby (it would never compile anything, the most frequent error being "LoadError: (in method 'parse'): cannot load such file -- strscan" when even the most simple expression is there). 

It turns out the audio pack has to be installed on top of FlowBotics Studio, I downloaded it directly from dsprobotics.com and installed it into the FlowBotics Studio folder (it defaults to a FlowStone folder). With this I was able to patch together some sound generation similar to what I'd done in puredata when experimenting with drawing on an oscilloscope.


To fix the latter issue, Ruby not interpreting code, I followed the instructions provided here. Replacing the folder with the downloaded files and restarting FlowBotics Studio I can now code in Ruby (well I could if I knew what I was doing, excuse me while I go read the manual).


same problem i was facing
same problem i was facing with ruby and also in loading some files too. it really helped me a lot in eradicating the issue.

Modules & updates

Hi markcra,

Indeed, some of those extra modules were not included (accidentally) with the last update of FlowBotics Studio and can be added manually for now. You can get them here, too. The next update of FlowBotics Studio will include those modules by default to prevent such issues in the future.

We are still a bit unsure on how the installation messes up the Ruby folder since we have not yet succeeded in reproducing that issue. It seems to be related to some configurations of Windows and permissions in the install folder for the installer. At least, it is rather simple to fix, as you noticed.