Example code for a4wd3 rover


I have recently purchased an a4wd3 rover kit with the RC and was wondering if you could point me to any example code that I could use to help me get started. In the future I will be connecting a Pi to the Sabretooth motor controller, so any related examples on that would also be appreciated.

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Hi dan18,

Would you mind to give us the model of Lynxmotion A4WD3 Rover you purchased ?
(we were not able to verify this with your community email address, no order in the system)

Our RC version do not require any code to run.
The receiver is connected directly to the Sabertooth motor controller.

We do have some example code available for kits which include an Arduino controller:

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I have purchased the RC version using my registered work email address. The order was placed on 9th May.

After testing the RC version I would like to run the code from a Pi and was therefore wondering if there was any examples on how to connect the sabretooth to the Pi and send signals to the motors.


Hi Dan,

If you want to connect the Sabertooth to a Pi it would probably be via Serial communication.

Another post I found on our community:


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