Ethernet Servo Controller

I am trying to find a servo controller that can be sent commands over ethernet. To my surprise I cannot seem to find a nice simple one that will do this?! All I need to do is control 1 servo (if the device controls multiple servos that would be ok too).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


tend to have a few spare GPIO pins. Otherwise, I believe you will have to go with an ethernet shield/chip and your preferred microcontroller.

An arduino with an

An arduino with an ethernetsheild might work.

maybe POE will do?

If there is already an utp cable between point a and point b, there could be an other solution:

you could use the 4 wires that a normal pc network don’t need. Yes! There are too many cables in an utp cable. Its also used by people to power the router, and make a network connection over the same cable.

see this link:



plus one of these:

= your solution but super expensive thou.