ESP8266 Troubleshoot

Hello LMRians,

I recently bougt an esp8266 wifi module but when I enter any AT command (or gibrish) I get ERROR in return. What may be the problem?

I have tried all power modules, power is OK. The same thing happens with all modules i have.
Please HELP!!  URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think we would need more information as to which module and embedded firmware you are using. I have some early modules that start up at 72K baud and switch to the operational rate after initialization. Looks like random noise on the console for about 3 seconds.

the module i used is Esp8266

the module i used is Esp8266 serial ESP-01
link is ::
boud rate was set to 115200 
communication is done via arduino IDE.


Baud rate

Hi, I never put my hands on any ESP8266… yet.

But, I read several times such problems about baud rates and that firmwares varies, though don’t thrust any standard.

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Baud rate

If it is important to you I think you will need to measure the baud rate with a scope. I have same modules and factory programmed is all over the place.

For testing baud rate I

For testing baud rate I checked each and every option availablle. options other than 115200 doesn’t respond but this option shows "Gibrish 
al-thinger technology co.




that is what screen looks like… 

Thank you :slight_smile:

Try powering them with a

Try powering them with a separate 3.3v regulator which can supply 500mA or more, Arduino uno 3.3v regulator may not provide enough current for the module to boot up. I strongly recommend nodemcu boards as they include usb and can be programmed with arduino ide.