Editable design files for A4WD3 rover


I have purchased the A4WD3 rover and my students and I are now trying to mount some navigation sensors on it.

We have been trying to design around the files available from you through here 12 - V3 Rugged Rovers (lynxmotion.com) but these are read only files and it’s basically impossible to design around them. To do any cutting work for the mounts we had to do manual measurement on the stp files and modify another component however even when this is the case any imported geometry cannot be mated because again the file dictates how everything should be fit together however nothing is accessible on the design hierarchy. We can’t dissolve any features nor break links as well.

Would it be possible to have the design tree? or would you recommend any alternatives?


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Hi Dan,

It would be awesome to see more of your projects around our Lynxmotion A4WD3.
You might want to post about it on our “Robots” section ?

Regarding the CADs, they are not protected in any ways.
Here is an example of the STP file imported and open in OnShape with all the individual parts.

All the best,

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You can open the STP file in OnShape to access individual parts. Share your A4WD3 projects in our “Robots” section.

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Thank you both, we are now able to edit the files. We will upload the details to Robots once we have something ready.