Earthquake in Nepal - Quick Update

Hello LMRians, 

Long time no see. For those of you who might not have been informed, Nepal was struck by a massive eathquakeThank you all for the wishes during these dire times. I am safe with my family. So are my friends.

The initial jolt was scary. Never want to experience anything like that ever. Lucky to be alive. The situation is actually worse in other parts of Kathmandu, and other villages. Power has been restored after 48 hours in my place. The situation was truly a nightmare. We had to sleep on an open ground getting struck by lightning and rain, along with the aftershocks. The aftershocks are light, but are still striking frequently. 

Thanks once again. I assume the major damage has already taken place. Still, we're all staying tight.

Happy to hear you again!

I hope in the future will have robots to help in these situations.

Good that you posted it here

Good that you posted it here too and let the LMRians know that you are ok.

Let’s hope there is a quick response in help with repairing or renewing destroyed homes, so people can have a schelter. 

I still want to write something else. I think many of you have the same feeling. Since the use internet, being a member of several online communities like LMR my view of things changed. Many years agou in times of no internet (yeah, i am in that age) you heard some news report about an earth quake, a storm or a wild fire somewhere in the world. Ok, that’s far away you thought and you never really got the whole picture.

Now you have internet, you have youtube with all that in almost real time. But the most important part (at least for me) is the sudden proximity. Why’s that you may ask? Well, just look around LMR, there are peaple from Nepal, India, China, USA, Germany, France, Spain and who know what distant country and if you are and active LMRian you may know some of them by chatting in the SB or exchanging emails or comment. That makes such disasters a personal disaster since you could face that one of your online friends gets hurt or worst.

So spoken my first thought this morning after reading thast news: I am happy that you, your family and your friends are ok Ashim.



Really good to hear you’re

Really good to hear you’re safe Enig!

Thank you everyone for the

Thank you everyone for the concern. It really means a lot to me and everyone out here in these times.

Also, here are a couple of links if you are interested in making a donation:

I saw the news last night

I saw the news last night and immediately wondered about you.  I am so glad you and your family are ok.  Thank you for posting where to give.  There isn’t much I can do a half the world away, but if I can buy someone a hand who needs it that is my pleasure.



Thanks you’re ok!

Thanks you’re ok!

Glad to hear you and your

Glad to hear you and your family are ok, Enig.

Thank you Jinx, Silux, Lumi,

Thank you Jinx, Silux, Lumi, robodude, nhbill, basile, Markus, craig, Yahmez, Max and everyone else in the shoutbox for the kind words and wishes . I am so glad to hear from you all. Sorry for not being able to respond earlier. 

Thanks Max for linking me to the IRC page. I am not sure if they have already started working here, but will contact them soon. They look like a really good rescue team, and there is news that many bodies are trapped inside buildings. So, the IRC team could be of a great help in those areas. Also, the area I was in was hit badly but most buildings apart from cultural heritage sites are still standing. There are other areas that were entirely destroyed, (99% buildings destroyed at Sindhupalchowk, 4 out of 1200 houses remain in a village in Gorkha) and those areas might be benefitted by the IRC activities. 

Thank you LMR for just being there somewhere on the internet, as Lumi said. Thank you LMRians from China and India to England, all the way to USA, for being there during these difficult moments. 


Good to hear you and your

Good to hear you and your family and friends are safe Enig. Thanks for posting.

Gosh your safe!

Very nice to hear that your safe dude :slight_smile:

I was also effected by the earthquake but it was quite low on the scale.

We were at school that time…

Warm greetings from Germany

Dear Enigmerald, also in Germany everyone’s heart goes out to the victims of this terribel earthquake. I wish all the best to you, to your family and the Nepalese people. Warm greetings from Germany, Thomas (Mosmas).

Donation / Spenden

and for the German dudes:

Very easily done online through PayPal!

Well-worded, Lumi!

I exactly feel the same way. Regards from Germany, another place in the internet.

So glad you, your family and

So glad you, your family and friends are ok!

Thank you everyone for the

Thank you everyone for the wishes. Things in the capital are returing back to normal. International relief aid finally seems to be reaching villages (that’s where the actual damage has taken place due to old houses collapsing down). Lots of volunteers and operation relief camps are offering services in the disaster-hit zones. And most importantly, all the Nepalese are hopeful to strike back. It will take some time, but we know it will happen. 

Glad you are ok.

Glad to hear you are ok.

I worry about all the people I met in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and all the little villages we trekked through along the Annapurna circuit, so many kids we met along the way, so many so very isolated places that are only accessible by walking for days or weeks, so many priceless temples and other sites as well.  Such a huge tragedy.

I’m glad you guys are safe.



Thank you for your words,

Thank you for your words, Martin. I very well remember about you mentioning your trek in Annapurna. The village setting here is really lovely, and it’s so sad to see pictures of many houses destroyed. 

Thanks a lot Mosmas. I now

Thanks a lot Mosmas. I now hope the  donations reach places where they are needed the most.

It’s Back Again!

The earthquake strikes back ! This time again in Nepal with a magnitude of 7.4 on the Richter scale.

Gosh, hope Enig is safe .