E6A2-CW3C Encoder wiring help


I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering.

I’m trying to get signal from this encoder E6A2-CW3C which is an open collector output.Capture

I have tried wiring it this way :

But I was never able to get any signal. Do you have any clue if I’m doing this wrong or if my encoder is just broken…

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

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Hi @krystofc and welcome to our forum.

Can you send a photo of actual wiring?

It seems that wire colors from your scheme are not matching with actual wire colors right? It could be that the error is there.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the answer,
Yes I know, the second picture with the Arduino is not matching color but I rechecked and everything is fine.
I finally open the encoder and sent IR light in the optical sensor with a remote control and I got signal as I expected. So now I think that it is pretty much a problem with the IR emitter on my encoder that doesnt work well or misaligned with the sensor. What you think?

Hey @krystofc and thank you for your reply.

Is it a brand new encoder?

Do you have an oscilloscope to maybe check signal output?

Yes it’s a brand new encoder and when I said I got the signal expected with the remote control it was with an oscilloscope. I think I’ll buy another one now. I just wanted to make sure it was a defect an that a brand new one should in theory work.

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Well, you should contact first manufacturer or re-seller where you bought it regarding warranty.

An open collector output requires a pull up resistor to generate the output signal. A resistor from the collector to power in this case, given the specification on your schematic, the pull up resistor should be connected to to 30vdc or less a sized to limit current to 30mA or less. A 1kohm resistor would do.

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Yes this is exactly how I connected it with 2 pull up resistor as you can see on the second picture.

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