E-Bike-With brushless motors and long battery life

Thinking of also making a E-bike what servos and motors should i use i’d like to get a max speed of 30 mph and some way to fast brake but not throw me over the handle bars

Hi @Darkestlight
I’ve converted many bikes to e-bikes with chinese conversion-kits. There are many options available, but I prefered 24V/1000W motors (direct drive, no gears), thumbthrottle and a seperately bought LiFePO4 battery pack.
The controllers in the conversion kits can have regenerative braking which is what you probably meant with fast breaking. That sort of brakes never throw you over the handle bars, as long as you adjust the combined brakepoint correctly.

The speed of the bike is determined by the battery voltage. The legal speed in many countries is 24 km/h. With a 24V motor and an 48V pack you can reach 48km/h.
The fastest bike I made had a modified controller and a 60V battery. Peak power was more than 5000W :sunglasses:

Always thought a recumbent trike would make for a good frame because of its inherent stability, space for battery and electronics and general comfort:

Even cooler, add suspension:

I never liked the tricycles, they look to much handycaped . But you are right; lots of room for stuff.

Converting to electric power is effectively removing the need to pedal, so recumbent is even better for people who don’t want the exercise (or who don’t have the leg power) :wink: