DYP-ME007 + Wild Thumper Controller

Hi all!

Can you help me?

I'm trying to connect DYP-ME007 (ultrasonic) and Wild Thumper Controller.

And i can't understand how to connect it electrically. I'm talking about trig and echo pins.

Many thanks in advance.




What do you not understand?

The Trigger pin requires an output pin from the microcontroller. The Echo pin requires an input pin on the microcontroller. The NewPing library will give you easy access to the data returned by the ultrasonic sensor. When I did a search for the sensor via Google, I got a number of hits + the images would likely show how to connect it to an arduino. The WTC is an arduino based board, so, connection will be pretty simple.

Here is the

Here is the datasheet: http://bit.ly/1bLeG8D (pdf)

I can’t understand what type of pins  I should use in WT? A-pins or D-pins?

Thanks in advance



And one more question.D9 or

And one more question.

D9 or D10 = 3 pins. Signal, GND and +5 V. I should use D9 signal for “trig” and D10 signal for “echo”? (for example)