Dummy looking for help

New at all of this but maybe some suggestions. Have a large remote property that is well irrigated. Looking for a controller that will turn a well on/off via WiFi.
Well is 110v controller circuit, WiFi modem is approximately 300 feet from the well controller, WiFi is satellite linked so can call via cell phone and turn on/off existing remote wireless cameras
Anyone have any ideas

Hello @wfspringmeyer and welcome to the forum

there is a huge list of Internet _of_Things controllers in the shop ( IoT).
Maybe there is one with an external WiFi antenna (recommended for 300 feet distance)
and a mains-voltage relais?
@cbenson might have a better insight…

It sounds like you need a WiFi relay? A good option seems to be:

You’ll need to do a bit of programming to get it up and running.

If you need something more “plug and play”, unfortunately RobotShop does not carry any WiFI switches at this time.

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Thanks for helping me @cbenson
I’d have gone the same way, but still wondering, how to setup the WiFi part?
Would it be required to setup a static IP or VPN? How would you send the on/off command? (SMS or HTML)

Are there any sample codes for this board?
//edit Just found the huuuge manual

What about the lazybone?
It says, the range is 25m only. Is that the blutooth range?
//edit I see, there’s only blutooth available, but the WiFi version would be interesting…

For that product, according to the datasheet:

The ESP32LR42 is configured by connecting a USB cable to your PC and running a terminal program. PuTTY is a good option if you don’t have any other preferences.

It then lists all of the configuration commands. It’s not as easy as a commercial / consumer product, so there will be a learning curve.

Regarding the Lazybone - good catch (title said Bluetooth, but description indicates WiFi too). However, not sure if that operates only using a cell phone app and you need your cell phone’s WiFi or Bluetooth for control. You’ll need to delve more into the datasheet / user manual to know.