Dual Ultrasonic sensor


For my next "top secret" robot project I need 2 ultrasonic sensors. Playing around with the Maxbotix MaxSonar EZ1, which perfectly matches in size for this task, I stumbled across the following problem.

Running only one sensor works like expected. But running two at the same time, don't work. Lucky for me, Maxbotix has a solution for this problem, called daisy chaining. After testing all possible options the Constantly Looping Mode was the best choice for me. After all, it works like a charm.

 Here is the schematic so far. Later on a Duo-LED and a LDR sensor for ambient light will be added to each sensor.



What is the idea here? to
What is the idea here? to average both together to get a more consistent reading? or are you going for stereoscopic vision?

Yes, one idea is to use 2

Yes, one idea is to use 2 sensors for stereo vision. The other idea is, to make some kind of object tracking (with an additonal servo) like this. But I don’t know if any of these ideas will work, but I’m working on it.