Dual 18F4620 board with supporting 18F2525 for display

Right now I am working on my master-slave-slave board that will suit my needs for a long time. It has a master 4620, that communicates to another 4620 for processor assistance.

4620 MASTER: Spaces for 5 servos, rs232, I2C, sn754410 motor controller, 8 ADC channels, 2x5 header so it is expandable into another board.

4620 SLAVE: Setting switches, proximity IR sensors (8 for complete sensing), speaker, encoders (rear and front for a car drive bot, left and right for 2 wheel operation), 38khz IR led driver, bumper switches and spaces for 6 servos I2C.

2525 SLAVE: LCD, 6 leds for display, 6 switches (5 in a cross shape, for up down left right enter and shift).


As you can see this is a VERY complex board, and I plan to have it complete and running something within a couple weeks. Eventually I will make a PCB and could sell it to my fellow LMR's if interested. I could modify it so you could run it with a picaxe :)

You should see the block
You should see the block diagram I made for this. You will never need another board :smiley: