DS relay boards

I can’t get a response from my ds relay boards from the rs485 port.
There is 5 volts on the port.
If I send commands over tcpip modbus it works
But direct to the 485 port on the board gets me nothing.
Any ideas?

Hi @AFErob and welcome to our forum.

Which board exactly are you using?

Did you buy it from RobotShop?

Thank you.

I have 3 2824 and 2 3484
They come with RS 485 ports
From what I read they only are used to link boards together? Y/N

I have not been able to communicate to them from my simulator and I haven’t been able to link 2 boards together ether.
I set the boards to RS485 with the web configuration but nothing.
These would have been great if the RS485 would work on my network
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Yes all bout from the Robotshop.

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Hi @AFErob!

Sorry for late reply, I was in vacation at this time.

Is the problem still there?

Thank you.

Sure is I have given up