DRS 0402 control by Arduino


I bought one Herkulex DRS 0601, three DRS 0402 and five DRS 0201. I hooked all of them up to an Arduino Mega and downloaded the libraries. All Servos got there IDs with the Manager Kit and then I started programming. All servos move as expected, except for the 0402s. They just blink red.

Can’t I control them the same way I do with all the other servos?

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After more investigation it seems like the 0402 cant move freely, I just don’t get why.

Found the problem. The 0402 need values to 32000 instead of the normal 1023.

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@PatiShorti Welcome to the RobotShop Community by the way :slight_smile: You were able to resolve your own issue within the same day it seems. Hope you post your project!

Yes, just had to dig a little deeper in the user manual.
Hardware part is almost done, only some cable management left.
Software also works so far, had to use one of the hardware serial ports on the Arduino Mega, software serial only worked one-way, so I could not get feedback from the servos.

Nice! Looking forward to seeing a video in action.

I am having a hard time with the Herkulex Manager Software. The 0601 in the base and the 0402 in the elbow aren’t moving synchronous. I tried everything in the Manager Software to get them to accelerate with the same rate but no success yet.
Since the parameters in the Software aren’t labeled and I can’t find any Tutorial, can you please tell me what the different parameters do?
I have no Idea what to change so the servos move with the same acceleration curves.

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Unfortunately not too familiar with these servos (Lynxmotion created their own smart servos in the end), so best option is to contact the manufacturer directly, or perhaps another member of the community here with some direct experience might reply.