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I am looking to buy 10 Lynxmotion Hunter Crazy2fly Drones for a timed build competition. Those taking part are all aviation techs but not drone enthusiasts, i do not know which RC/TX to purchase and batteries and in what quanitity. Also is it possible to plug in a small servo to the reciever on the drones in order to make a hook to drop an item. Not fussed about it being pretty, just its utility. I’v viewed people hooking small servos up to rx/tx systems, was thinking of dumping a load of maccano in with the kits to provide a delivery system of something small, maybe a tennis ball. Summary: rx/tx product suggestions for the lynxmotion drone RB-Lyn-703 & RB-Lyn-876(and can it work interchangeably i’d like to just buy one or two for all 10 teams) and can anyone suggest an easycheap plug and play servo system that could be compatible with the rx/tx. Plus battery and charging suggestions welcome.

Hi Thomas_F,

The choice of remote controller will relate to the flight controller that you’re going to use for the build.
If you are going with a Quadrino Nano, it’s a controller that runs the MultiWii Arduino project which requires at least “End Point” adjustments in the remote controller.

Our suggestion is usually one of the RadioLink controllers here:
RadioLink T8S Bluetooth 2.4GHz 8CH Transmitter w/ R8EF 8CH Receiver
RadioLink AT9S PRO 2.4GHz 12CH Transmitter w/ R9DS 10CH Receiver
Radiolink AT10II 2.4G 12CH Transmitter w/ R12DS Receiver

Regarding your question about additional servo control, it’s possible to connect a spare channel on the receiver to a servo.
It’s something that will not go through the flight controller. (ex: a 3 ways switch on a spare channel)

RB-Lyn-703 and RB-Lyn-876 are the same UAV but the second one includes the Quadrino Nano flight controller.

Regarding the batteries, it’s a bit of a problem as UPS (delivery company) is not allowing us to ship any LiPo or Lithium Ion batteries at the moment. Our suggestion is a 11.1V (3S), 20C 2800mAh LiPo battery.

As for the servo recommendation, anything will work, depending on your assembly.
There are no kits that can be added to the Crazy2Fly at the moment.

All the best,

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