Dragino Sensor Node (LSN50) for water temperature monitoring

I am looking to set up a LoRa system for monitoring water temperature.

This product here has a temperature sensor hooked up to it in the picture, but I don’t think it includes the sensor.

First, what size cable hole is installed on this node, and could you recommend a waterproof temperature sensor that will work with this node?

Hello @Canuck180 !

If you check the wiki in page 16, you could see an example connection for the temperature sensor.
Also, I let you here the same waterproof digital temperature sensor (DS18B20).

Finally, at the end of the document you could find the different cable hole size you could pick.

Hope this help you! :grin:

Thanks a lot @RoboCS!

Ok, I see that they offer the cable holes in different sizes (M12, M16, and M20) but I can’t choose them during checkout. I’m assuming the M12 is the default, and I think that is what I need for the DS18B20 sensor so I should be ok. Am I right?