Does the Waveshare RP2040-Zero seem like a stable product?

I’m currently using the Seeedstudio XIAO SAMD21, but am intrigued by the RP2040, and though the new Seeed XIAO offering is available, I discovered the RP2040-Zero, which has a LOT more I/O for the same-ish price, so I leaning towards it, but I need it to be available long-term, so I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with it, and/or Waveshare in general.

Hello @ReverseEMF and welcome to the RobotShop forum!

I have had a great experience with Waveshare, I’ve used a couple of camera modules from them and so far so good, and the customer support is great!

Regarding the RP2040, I’ve used the Raspberry Pi Pico and it has been great, I don’t have experience with the RP2040-Zero from Waveshare so I can’t comment about that one, but it looks promising.

I hope that helps!

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Thank you. That helps a lot!

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