Does anyone have a good quality used NAO robot for sale? I need it for demonstration purposes with my primary school students


Wanting to buy a used good quality NAO robot for teaching primary school aged students in Brisbane Australia asap. Otherwise does anyone know the cheapest place to purchase a new V6 one?

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You guys can take a look at a company called Robopreneur from Malaysia. I did purchase one unit of NAO robot (shipped to India) from them 2-years ago with excellent customer service.

I know this is an old thread, but if your still looking for a robot I have the NaoV4 blue version.
I can be reached at [email protected] or 585-734-1771

I have a “as new” NAO V6 for sale. It is registered in the market place. NAO V6 sold by 22/11 productions. The Robot has barely been used. Am happy to discuss price. I’m based in the U.K but would be happy to arrange delivery to Brisbane. They cost £7,800.00 in the UK. If your interested, please get in touch

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Hi, if anyone is selling a 2nd hand robot nao v6, I would appreciate it if they would email me with a price offer, thanks​:ok_hand:t2::purple_heart: Email: [email protected]

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Hey I’m interested. Plz send me an email to: [email protected]. if it is still relevant

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