Do Lynxmotion spur gear motors require a motor driver?

For a University project I am designing a robot that moves a 3D printed fish tail in a biomimetic fashion. I need to buy a motor for this project that does not require a microcontroller or motor driver, but is powered by a DC variable power supply.

I found this motor by Lynxmotion “12VDC 152RPM 20.8oz-in GHM-13 Spur Gear Head Motor” it has the exact torque-speed that I require but there are no details on how to power/control it. Does anyone know if this motor would require any additional circuitry or could I simply attach it straight to a DC power supply?

Sorry if this is a noob question.

Thanks, Adam.

@adamcrowe Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Two pins at the back of the motor are for positive and negative. Select 12V on the DC power supply (don’t turn it on yet), connect the leads from the power supply to the motor, then turn it on. If it spins the wrong way, power off, reverse the connections and power on.

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