DIY RGB LED Matrix Help!

glasses.JPG (89232Bytes)

I’ve got a heap of RGB SMDs and I’d like to make a pair of sunglasses with LED animation. The pair of sunglasses in question can be seen in the attachment.

The general battleplan is to have a 19x5 matrix of LEDs (less than 95 since some will be excluded due to the position of the nose rest). I’d like to have some simple animations, ie color fade, rainbows, etc.

I’d be using an Arduino for this project, though if it’s at all possible with using the much more portable Picaxe I may be inclined to learn how to use that instead.

I’m somewhat familiar with using transistors for single color LED matrices, but if I’m correct in assuming those are pretty much only on/off with no easy control over brightness and it wouldn’t be directly applicable to RGB setups.

Surprisingly enough I haven’t found any tutorials on how to construct/program RGB matrices. All my searches lead to pre-made RGB matrices.

How would I go about constructing a RGB LED matrix? Does anyone have any links to some tutorials? Is it even viable for my application?

I will offer a bit of info I have found.

I was led here: by Duane’s comment. OddBot’s comment pointed to here: . I would imagine some of the information on one of those two links should help a bit.