DIY pancake slip ring Rotor electrical sprung contacts

Guys . For my 4 channel flat slip ring rotor Anyone know where to buy sprung elec contact strips ?
Old elec -mech relay contacts are the right stuff but a bit narrow Ideally like to buy a sheet of such material so I can cut the contacts to size myself ?

do please advise
Here is one of many abortive rotor attempts

(Going to run a rotating small dc motor on the rotor … Can show more of mechanical construction if interested. You would think a “lazy susan” assembly would be the basis Not at all. Baaaf wish me luck )
Ms O

Hello @msotis,

Unfortunately, we don’t have something similar to what you are looking for.

The closet thing would be these contact pins and you can cut them down into the required size:

Let us know if you need further assistance.


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Thankyou so much Would need dimensions but in any case can I please throw the question open to all ?

Sprung electrical contacts are used in in nearly all commercial electrical devices and gizzmos robots what have you
In the battery boxes ( particularly watch batteries) In mechanical switches , In electro mechanical relays , in chassis emc protectors in audio connectors, and of course in commercial pancake slip rings ( hugely expensive option nitrogen filled way over spec for what I want. )
A guitar jack plug is a slip ring.

So I figure for this hugely diverse range of applications > Someone is supplying this material in sheet form ? Or some form ?
Have written to manufacturers of such devices None replys as to their supplier
Fingers crossed someone here knows the right question to ask or even who to contact.

PS hello robot parts Imagine if we could offer a ( low grade) but working pancake slip ring , mount your camera on top rotate and operate it . servo motors et al all rotating . If you haven got the depth for a cheap cylindrical slip ring you’ve got to go pancake Its only those contacts stopping cheap alternative ( lower spec) prototype

thanks MsO