Display problem LSS FlowArm software


My laptop resolution is set to max at 1366x768 but it’s not enough to display all the LSS Flowarm software. I can’t see the right part from the “A” letter of FlowArm at the top of the screen to the right end.

If I use it on my desktop I can see all the window of the software.

I tried anything possible to resolve the situation but I am unable to find the solution.

Someone can help?


@ScienTIC Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Can you confirm you have changed the size of the window? This is found in the top right of the interface:
You should always be able to drag the window around to get access.

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Hi! I don’t have access to the 3 square to change window’s size. The display ends where the emergency stop button ends in the right corner. Thank you!

Try pressing Ctrl+F to resize between window sizes. The other option is to cascade the windows: