Dimension for modular track sprocket

What are the base diameter and the pitch diameter for the 9T sprocket and 12T sprocket? I am designing a track system with a base diameter of 3’’ exactly, and will any of them fits my tracks?

The tracks and sprockets are not very “standard” unfortunately. We’re not aware that the sprockets will fit with any other type of track and vice-versa. Hopefully you have a 3D CAD software (many are available for free) and can download the CAD files here to get all of the measurements you need:

Note there’s a 3" wide version of the track here:

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I just want the sprockets to have a base diameter of 3’’. I already have the 3’’ in track. What are the pitch diameters for the 9t and 12t sprockets?

If you want 3", the MTS 12 tooth is far too big (just over 4"). The 9 tooth is effectively 3" diameter. Hope this helps:

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