Digital Microcontrollers in Parallel

Hey everyone, it's me again.

I originally posted this because I thought that I had an idea that was mostly unheard of. But it wasn't.

Just in case you're curious, it went like this: I had a thought of using a few microcontrollers (perhaps a few small-bit ones,) then programming and connecting them to each other (but leaving room for i/o) to make a multi-core for robots. This, I thought, would allow for slightly more brainlike and semi-real time processing. Turns out that already exists as multi-core processors, and I remembered that people daisy-chain (connect) their microcontrollers all the time.

Oh, well... At least I have a new trick up my sleeve now.

I'd like to hear your thoughts.

multi core

Another option for multi core is FPGA. With these devices you create your own compute cells or incorporate more complex blocks such a soft core CPU. Some of the mid to high end chips come with traditional CPU (ARM) attached to the logic fabric. All the major vendors have development boards and software tools sets available. I prefer Xilinx (because it was what my mentor used) and often purchase hardware from Xess & Digilent.

Thanks for the info!
FPGAs look and sound like just the thing I’d like for my robots, but they’re so expensive… might try one out someday, though.

Thank you again!