Differences in load cell


I am looking into using a load cell for a university project. I am in possession of the 20kg load cell found at (20 Kg Micro Load Cell - RobotShop) and was researching into a higher rated load cell like 50kg found at (50 Kg Micro Load Cell - RobotShop). The engineering drawings provided are identical so i was wondering what the difference between the two are to allowing one to go up to 50kg and the other only 20kg.

The picture of the 50kg load cell shows the holes in a different design compared to its engineering drawing so I was wondering if the external drawings were accurate or not.

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Hi @Tommy14 and welcome to our forum.

Dimension drawings seem to be correct.

The difference should come in different strain gauges used inside these cells.

Read more here: Getting Started with Load Cells - learn.sparkfun.com

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Thanks @igor_X and am i right in assuming that this would be compatible with the HX711 amplifier module, not just the “Phidgets PhidgetBridge Wheatstone Bridge Sensor Interface” its sold alongside.

As far as I can understand, these load cells are compatible with HX711 amplifier module.

Yes, it should. You can use HX711 amplifier to connect this load cell with microcontroller (Arduino for example) or use Phidgets Bridge to connect it to PC.