Difference between Maduino Zero gprs/gps a9g AND Maduino Zero SIM808 IoT GPS Tracker V3.5

I’m doing my university thesis on Vehicle Tracking Systems. My project is to create a vehicle tracking system using gsm and gps modules with a board. I’ve seen a lot of people use the A9G Maduino but it’s out of stock everywhere. Would the Maduino Zero SIM808 get the same job done?

Hello @AyAyRon and welcome to the RobotShop forum!

Both boards use the ATSAMD21G18 microcontroller, however, the boards use a different GPRS/GPS module (SIM808 vs A9G). The SIM808 also has Bluetooth connectivity and the A9G doesn’t. However, you should be able to get the same job done.

Maduino Zero SIM808


Maduino Zero A9G


I hope that helps!

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