Difference between Herelink RB-Htl-12 versus RB-Htl-35

The Rb-Htl-12 is now discontinued. It looks like it’s being replaced by the RB-Htl-35. What are the differences between the two products?
When I look on the robotshop website, it doesn’t seem like it’s a different product.

Hello @jbarrette,

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It’s an updated version of the old one.

Herelink update points:

  1. Screen brightness of controller is improved up to 1,000nit
  2. Ehternet port added on the Herelink air unit
  3. SD card slot added on the Herelink air unit
  4. Support network protocols device access

Let us know if you have further questions.


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Hi @Ebram,

Thanks for the answer.

Is it possible to access the pictures or drawings of the air and ground unit? It is important for me to know where the ports are located physically on both units since it affects our product design.

Also, is this unit 100% retrofittable on the software side of things or some adjustments will have to be made on our end?


Hello @jbarrette,

Thank you for your reply.

We have forwarded your questions to the manufacturer and waiting for their reply.

We’ll get back to you once they answer them.