DFI sensor from Litter Robot 3 Connect


I have an issue with my LR 3 Connect. The ready button won’t stop blinking and the error is “waste drawer full”. I’ve tried everything fron the forum and I think I need to purchase a new DFI sensor but I don’t know if the one from the site will be ok because it looks different and says it’s for LR air. They look smaller than the ones my LR Connect has. Could you please help me with wich sensors I have to purchase? And also with the yt video with DFI sensor reset? Because I can’t find it.

Thank you

Hello @Andra ,

Welcome to RobotShop community.

We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Litter-Robot.

please provide us with your order number or a copy of the invoice to check if your robot is still under warranty or not.

This is the new version of the DFI sensor and it’s fully compatible with any Litter-Robot 3.

Awaiting your reply.


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