Devestator Robot Tank

This Is One Of My Favourate Robot Chassis From DF Robot ...

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Modifications? Plans?

What modifications have you done, and what plans do you have for its future?

Great Project

I too have one of the the Devestator robot chasis and have done several projects with it.

One of the projects I mounted a ASUS EEEpc 4g on it and had it running some vision software I designed.

Here is the video of it.

So many projects that can be done with one mobile platform.

Thank you for sharing.

Nice Video

i See ur Video Very Good…But Myy Problem Is When It Go Forwardd… it Was Slitly Turn Left…Whan I Add Arduino Neno To MAke Chip…If Any Advice Plz Commant

modifications Change…Every Time New

im Using it 3 Channel Hobby Grade Flysky R/C Remote On sense Of LDR Valu …LCD Display…on it … Also FPV Telematrey And Camera …

My Targate Is Make It GPS Controll…But When i Add GPS On It …It Will Restart … I HAve To Use Another Micro Controller To Recive Gps Sensore Read …

By The WAy Im Not A Engineer…IM Hobbyest…

im Working in Tv Station As A Senior Video Editor

Facebook Link …More About My Work Below

Youtube Link More About My Work

**Looks great **
Hey, it looks great. Could you get some videos up as soon as possible I have to see this