Desktop Buddy (Garri)

Garri is what I call a Desktop Buddy or Social Robot.

Garri's only function is to provide conversation to the end user.


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Garri’s cute! The shape really reminds me of a USB humidifier. Wonder how small you can make it so it can be an “add-on” to regular appliances.

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Thank you Coleman,
I could actually make it smaller and do away with the Emic2.
I have already started looking into this as far as the decrease in size goes.
I created a another version that is a handheld little robot that talks that I call Pocketbot.

Pocket bot uses the Seeeduino XIAO but it has issues with using the emic or the TTS library so I had to use talkie which is very limited.
I am thinking of using one of these.
Which I have a couple of and try and do the same but use the TTS library.
I am working on expanding the vocabulary and used Eliza as a template.

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Have you sketched out what the new version with head and arms would look? Really curious.

No, its currently just a thought. I kind of imagine it looking somewhat like the little Android guy but a bit more alien.
Not even sure if it will have arms as the servos I used in the pocketbot were the smallest I could find and I would really like it to be even smaller.
I might go with arms but have them poseable by the user and the same for legs.
If I do away with servos I can run the entire package on a single 3.7v 1000mAH battery with a step up converter to boost the volts to 5.

The “Cuteness factor” will definitely attract attention :slight_smile:
Hitec’s HS-35 servo was really small:

The HS-40 is slightly larger:

Here are the ones I am using.

The size is just about identical.
Not sure if they make anything smaller.
But then again any smaller and it might not even more the little arm or head.