DC Motor/Stepper Control - Arduino, Battery and Plug-In Powered

Hello RoboShop People,

I’m interested in basic DC motor/stepper motor control involving the Arduino micro for both 12V battery and wall plug-in powered source. The motors will be 12 volts typically 5A (max) for DC motor, and 2A (max.) for stepper motor.

Browsing through the dc motor controllers, I noticed many available DC motor/stepper controllers within current limits and compatible with Arduino, Cytron being prominently advertised. The SHIELD-MDD10 looks interesting, it interfaces directly with the Arduino. These options seem viable for battery source but some of the user manuals warn against non-battery source:

“Note: Please use battery when driving inductive load such as DC brush motor. Due to the
protection circuit of most Power supply (switching), it will shut down when regenerative
current from motor is detected.”

Wondering what options are recommended, and if there are DC motor controllers available for use without using a 12V battery source? Also, on a side note, are any other components recommended such as DC motor spike dampening caps? The Cytron motor controller illustrations do not show any spike suppression caps or anything extra, simply a battery and connecting wires.


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Hi @Teebs and welcome to our forum.

I guess this one could do it MegaMoto GT Motor Control Shield for Arduino - RobotShop.

Please have a look.

Thank you.