DC motor control

Hello I am looking for some advice and what products to use to accomplish the following. I want to control a DC motor powered by a 12v car/marine battery from a wireless remote that has two buttons for forward and reverse. the motor will spin when the button is push and stop when it release. I want to be able to have 2 speed setting controlled by potentiometers. One click of the button is the first speed and 2 clicks of the button is the second speed. I also want to have limit switches mounted on my object so it will stop when it reaches that point while the button is be pushed, then the other button is pushed to go the other direction and the object reaches the other limit switch and the object comes to a stop. If the button is released in between the two limit switches the motor is also stopped. The motor that i am using is a 12v 1/2 hp motor.

What controller will do this? or do i also need relays? and how would that work?

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Hi @Bahm and welcome to our forum.

This sounds like an interesting project and I think it can be realized in several different ways. Probably, you could use relays, but I guess using microncontroller is cheaper and more simple.

My suggestion would be to use SyRen 50A 6V-30V Regenerative Motor Driver:

Your motor is 12v 0.5 HP, so using P=U*I equation, we get 30A of nominal current, so 50A motor driver should be enough.

To control everything, you could use simple Arduino UNO microcontroller:

So Arduino will send serial commands to your motor driver, and all other peripherals (buttons, switches, remote controllers) can be connected to Arduino, but yes, you would need to program everything.

Here you can find Arduino libraries:

And here is a similar example project:

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask anything else.