Dc 20.6v dc 6616-006b

Hi all, 

I have some basic question about this DC motor. I found this motor have 5 Wire.


The wire RED and BLACK wire are connected to motor coil directly and can be used just to simply run it.

BLUE, YELLOW & ORANGE are connected to an magnetic rotary Encoder.

There is an Megnatic Rotary disk attached to the other end of motor shaft and is fixed in such a way that it rotates along with the rotation of the Shaft. ImageA ImageB

The Circuit of the Three Wire image is hereA hereB

I would like to know how to use this DC6616 Motor and what applications/Purpose this can be used for.

Further Info: i used the normal Read analogvolt Sketch on Arduino whereby i connected the 5v to VCC and VOUT to A0 and GRD to GRD on Atmega2560.

I let the motor run with seperate powersupply using 12V on Red and Black wire and found the Analog readout was 2.5V after several interval of 0 eg 0,0,0,0,2.5,0,0,2.5,0,0,0,2.5

I tried to find after how many interval it repeates the 2.5V reading and failed to do so as the repeatation is sometime after 4 0's sometime after 2 0's sometime 3 0's 

Also i disconnected the powersupply to motor and rotate the shaft manually by hand and found on slow rotation it reads nothing only 0's

when i give it a sudden rotation then it spikes to 2.5V and then back to 0.


i hope the above info would be helpful for guys out there who exactly know what this motor encoder is.

The circuit

Here’s my go at a schematic for the circuit (I can’t guarantee that it’s correct!):



That squiggly line represents the trace on the PCB that goes a round the edge.

Schematic trace on circuit
Schematic tracing on circuit http://i1265.photobucket.com/albums/jj519/soni991/465774D3-4B83-42D2-9BA7-CD974267DA71-14205-00001EC66FD54761.jpg