DataLogger and other projects


This is one of the latest projects that I've been working on. The idea was simple and in a way came from the desire to design something similar to the uLog( that is sold on the SF site but also include more features while maintaining a small footprint. This logger gives you several options and the goal of being configurable via serial config interface(in the works) It also gives you 3 channels with the possible expansion to 7 total channels. One limitation is that it only has 1mbit worth of storage vs the 16mbit on the ulog device. This was somewhat intentional as this device is meant for long term low power logging(Days, weeks, even months). So list of features are:

  • 4 selectable time intervals with a 5th one user defined
  • Modes to record 1, 2, and 3 adc channels plus 1 more mode for temp sensor recording.
  • user configurable baud rate for communication (3 planned)
  • pause and restart of logging.
  • modular so you can expand to off board memory modules/sd cards
  • 2 buttons to select modes and initiate logging
  • 3 LEDs for use as mode indicators and activity monitor. This is an initial prototype and so far has worked quite well.
  • MSP430 Low power modes to conserve power. 
  • Built on vreg and can be powered via Solar panel.

I'm doing quite a bit of work on the coding and have most of the functionality in a base level(it all works, just fine tuning it)

This is really cool, you

This is really cool, you developed this board yourself? Are you going to sell it?

Thanks!Yep and yep, though


Yep and yep, though this might not be the rev that I would end up selling. As mentioned, this was just an initial prototype. I have one more planned that breaks out the I2C pins and uses a high density pin header as well as making the pin headers smt vs through-hole.

Looks really slick voodoo,

Looks really slick voodoo, sounds like you’re close to having something that would work as a finished product.

No doubt one of the buttons is for reset, but what’s the other one for?

Thanks TF! Button one can

Thanks TF!  Button one can be used as a pause/start/altSelect or reset, and can be selected with the slide switch.  :) 

The second button is the mode select only…for the moment.


Glad to see you got around to showing off some more of your work. :slight_smile:

Looks like good work… and

Looks like good work… and clean soldering.  I love the purple boards, I assume you went through dorkbot/oshpark.  I recently gave the open-source PCB software gEDA a try and was glad I did.  I also ordered through oshpark for the first time which was a positive experience (and very cheap).

**it was about that time… **

it was about that time…  :slight_smile:

Yep, this was through

Yep, this was through OSHPARK formally dorkbotPDX. They have a great turnaround though they are slightly expensive for what you get, they are worth it for the speed IMO. The purple board always gives it away! This board design was done with eagle and the board design can be seen here where I orginally posted it. Also page 2 contains an image of the board with the addon attached.