Daily Tempreture Logger

This is an educational school project a friend and I did a long time ago. A team of two assembled and programmed a device which interacts with the user via touchscreen LCD. It functionality is to save 24 temperature data samples per day into its memory and display samples chart when convenient.


  • STM32F103RC Microcontroller.
  • LCD TouchScreen.
  • 1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor (DS18B20).

Theory of Operation:

  1. Once the system is powered on the user has two options to choose. The user can
  2. Look at plots that were recorded earlier on Flash Memory or
  3. Start taking new measurements in demo or real time sampling.

For more details about designing, assembling, testing and debugging, see the link below: https://spaces.usu.edu/display/ece3710/Daily+Temperature+Logger .






Nice system

Where do you plan to mount it? Internal battery backup?

The digital temperature

The digital temperature sensor end of the wire is outdoor, The other end which is connected to the board is indoor. I could use a 5v power plug. However, its much better to have a portable battery pack connected with battery level indicator displayed on screen.