Dagu Rover 5 shedding tracks on turns

Hi guys,

Hope this is the right forum.

I’m building a robot based on the Dagu Rover 5 chassis and experiencing problems with it shedding it’s tracks. The motor angle is about 45 degs.

Anybody had any experience with these and stopping the tracks coming off (even on smooth hardwood floor) during a turn?

I’m hoping someone has done a modification or something to keep them on, other wise this Robot may be getting itself converted to tires :frowning:

Thanks guys


I had the same problem, but it only occured when the robots was moving over unstable surfaces such as cushions from the living room. I placed soem double sided tape on each wheel about 3cm x 3cm which gave the tracks more grip to the wheels. And now the tracks stay on on most surfaces but slip a little when turning fast.



Same problem

Hello everybody!

I’ve got the same problem with this platform. Of course, it only occurs when the robot is on carpets or rough terrain. The gearboxes are placed in the most outward position (both are parallel to the horizontal axis), so that the tracks are as stretched as possible. I also checked what OddBot mentioned in the previous comment and everything seems to be allright. I guess a relevant detail would be the fact that the robot I built on this platform became quite heavy (about 2-3 kgs so far when fully loaded). Even though the torque is more than enough for handling the weight, could this be the root of the track-shedding problem? 

Did anyone find an effective solution to overcome this problem? Such as building additional mounts or guides for the tracks or anything like that. 


This is a manufacturer design error. It did not correctly calculate the pressure of the tracks relative to the wheel mechanism, so they tend to misalign the mechanism and the tracks come out easily.
Another factor for the tracks to come off is at the wheel rim, because if the wheels are misaligned, the raised edges of the wheels make it come out quickly.
At the time, I fixed these problems by using a set screw to align the wheels with the tracks and I removed the wheel rims.
My Dagu Rover 5 setup is as follows, 02 gearbox motors, Sabertooth motor drive and 9ch radio control, running at least 5 years