Dagu Robotic Arm 6DoF - Bacuri02 Project

I recently received my Dagu Robotic Arm 6 DOF with Arexx control board 32 servos.

My original project is to use an Arduino Mega to control the arm and then make a wifi connection joystick control.

As I have not received my Arduino Mega board, I started tinkering in Arexx control board that I received along with the robotic arm. Along with the kit also came with a CD ROM which I believed the program to be installed on the computer to control the arm.

But I found that the challenge is much bigger than I thought … I can not run any of programs CDROM, I tried on Windows7, Linux, and anything …

I researched and came in the Arexx website (http://www.arexx.com/robot_arm/html/en/documentation.htm#manual) exactly the website of robotic arm 6DOF and I thought I had solved all my problems… But I found more of a challenge! Unable to install anything that is there in the website of control board maker that comes along with the robotic arm. 



I did not give up and now I want to run this Arexx PCB with arm control by the computer, one way or another!

I will keep searching but if anyone can help me, I appreciate it very much.

Unfortunately I had another problem, which was to have received the robotic arm with loose screws, especially in the claw fixing and servo fixing, but I solved it without major problems, despite the hassle.

I hope to enjoy more than the hassles I'm having now. But let us face the challenge!



3 years ago, I bought a Dagu arm and it came with a 32 servos controller wich was basically a clon of the Lynxmotion SSC-32 controller, if is the same case for you then you can control it just like the lynxmotion with serial commands, google it you’ll find the manual of the controller.