Cytron 20A DC Motor Controller reverse polarity protection?

I recently purchased a motor controller Cytron 20A, 6-30V Single DC Motor Controller for my master thesis project in automotive domain. I was checking through the specs and i came across something called reverese polarity protection, some have it and some dont. I was also able to read that if I was to somehow do the reverse of the meant connections on the power source, the controller might just break and go poof. Now I am scared to do the connections. How does one ensure not to make this mistake. I also thought the reverse connections would rotate the motor in reverse of my command, it it not the case?

I had a BTS7960 which did not have this issue, of course it has other issues hence I broke that one already during testing due to stall currrent, not able to figure that out but at the same time I am now afraid, could someone suggest?