Cutting Acrylic sheet

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I've been asked how to cut acrylic with a hot wire cutter - I made my own and there are a few plans for how to do this on instructables etc. This was my take on the idea which I find works OK for me... - see the file attached

Hot wire cutter

Thanks for posting. Also a big thanks for giving the tip on how to cut the long flat edge.


No problem - hope the instructions work out ok … I see you teach robotics - do you ever use visio for designing ?


visio and I parted ways many years ago. I currently model with OpenScad.

**hot wire **

just uploaded an amendment with an actual picture - going to experiment with a “guilotine” style wire that I can lower horizontally specifically to cut sheets - will let you know how I get on

Soldering iron at 250°C. It

Soldering iron at 250°C. It cuts acrilyc like butter, but no more than 300°C as it makes toxic gas and smell bad. It’s best to use a soldering iron with a changeable tip, as the one you use to cut won’t solder again. Another way to cut acrilyc is to use a rotary tool, wood disk or tips work best.

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