Creation of a monster aka Project Conjuring

Update: 30th o' August, 2013: IT'S ALIVE!

it's now alive, well sorta.....after some heaps of popsicle sticks, hotglue, etc. I've finally done it's frame, and it's in working condition...can't wait to scare my sister, here's what I've done:

I've added this kind of mechanism for the mouth(and for the eyes as well), it changes the rotation of the motor to a linear motion:

then added the motor, which is an old gearmotor I've made from old wind-up toys, cheaper than regular gearmotors, I've also used one for the Phoenix Project:

the mechanism and the motor looks weak, but they are actually strong...yeah, sorcery :P

some popsicle sticks to make them less fragile:

here's it's brain(the reciever, including the battery pack):

this is were it's gonna live, also removed it's rim (I think it's called a rim, but whatevs...) to make everything fit well:

added the brain and some popsicle sticks for the frame:

some more popsicle sticks:

the finish product can be seen in the 2nd, to scare my sister.....

cheers! ⁰ℨ

21st o' August, 2013:

So......let me start this with a story....I love scary/creepy stories, movies, etc. and there's the yang to that sister, who doesn't like those stuff, so, I have been waiting for the movie "the conjuring" for days and it finally came, so we watched it, but days before the premier day, I've been pranking my sister with various things, i.e changinging her iPad lock screen with photos from the movie, i.e, the doll, putting an old doll inside the bathroom, etc....but now, I want to take this things to the next level, I want to make that doll live.......

so here's the head of the doll that I've reaped from it's body, ready to be scalped:

here it is scalped(btw, that statuette in the background was supposed to be a bust of zeus made from soap for our sociology class...but it looked more like the "IT'S guy" from Monty Python, so it's now the "IT'S guy"):

Maxwell's watcing...btw, Maxwell's actually my "Igor"....since OB suggested for me to have a hunchbacked Igor from the Tesla Coil project .... pondering with the coil...probably planning a coup d'état or something:

back to the doll......using a pen, I drew a super precise line...probably the straightest line I've ever drew, to plot the first incision, and then cuut it open super precisely and very very straight with a hobby knife:

for the mouth as well:

btw...just a random can a doctor cut a super precise incision with his/her own hands but writes like a super huge earthquake just happened? 

I've also removed the eyes


here are the eyes and the mouth(the lower jaw, actually):

attached a rod(actually a biro's cartridge) to be used as a spoke or something like that, and then some popsicle sticks for some mechanism:

and for the mouth:

attached the eye and mouth mechanisms to the head:

there ya go: functions more like a ventriloquist's dummy for now, but I will add the electronics later, that's all for now, updates soon.

cheers! ⁰ℨ

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This is awesome! :smiley:

You are an artist Metal! keep up the good work. looking forward to see it in action :slight_smile: and one question- did you make that soap statue?


yup :slight_smile: …on our sociology class, I was the only one who made a whole bust, my other classmates carved on relief, and for our mosaic, I made a caricature image of Nikola Tesla using old black and white magazines, wait, I’ll upload a photo…it was actually the first one I wanted to “re-animate” because it looked creepy, but it was unfinished and it will only have the eyes to move, so I just used the doll above. even though it was unfinished, I’ve got a high grade with it :stuck_out_tongue:

here it is:

surprisingly, my other classmates who are also engineering majors don't know who Tesla is, so I gladly explained his life story :)


Hey there I think it is an awesome idea and I acually like it. To be honest it scared me. 
Well done and good luck with further process.



that is beautiful MML!



that thing looks creepy Metal! can’t wait to see it completed. nice work with the popsicle sticks :slight_smile:

Creepy! :smiley: good job!

Creepy! :smiley: good job!

Cheers everyone! Thank you
Cheers everyone! Thank you for the…er…lovely comments :stuck_out_tongue:
@sanc, it’s actually finished :slight_smile:

completed :smiley: \o/

i thought you were going to paint the tube etc. or remake it a complete dolll :stuck_out_tongue: lol but it looks awesome anyway!! :smiley: