Creating a Robotic Arm Using Waterproof servos

Good day,

I am starting an Underwater ROV team with my school next year. We already have a functioning ROV from 2 years ago, but now need to include a gripper arm to pick up objects. I have done some research and have found this to be the most affordable and practical solution.

I was going to purchase this gripper that has wrist control:

And follow this video to manipulate two servos on one joystick to control the opening/closing of fingers and the turning of the wrist:

Would I come into any problems? I know I’d have to purchase waterproof servos, and also waterproof the electronics/cables that lead to/from the ROV.

Any and all suggestions appreciated!


Good day @brianbutt,

This gripper looks awesome!

Now that you mentioned waterproof servos and electronics/cables, maybe also you should pay attention to make gearboxes, if there are any on this gripper, waterproof (placing gasket, etc.)

@brianbutt RobotShop currently carries some Hitec and Traxxas RC servos which are waterproof, but the depth rating is somewhat limited to around 1m:

There is no specific procedure for waterproofing below that, though as indicated, you can add O-rings and shaft seals and enclose the servos.

You might also be interested in some of the BlueRobotics products:

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