Correct controller for a permanent magnet DC motor

Hello All,

I’ve purchased an 8A 24VDC geared motor. It is a permanent magnet DC motor.

I plan on controlling this using an Arduino. In the past I have used the Cytron MD10C to drive a 5A 24VDC motor. I do not think that motor was a permanent magnet DC motor.

Is there a motor driver that someone could recommend for this new motor? And would it be possible to use this driver to control the PMDC in a similar way: HIGH/LOW for direction’ and PWM for speed as with the MD10C?

With regards to current and voltage, I don’t want to take any chances on this driver and would prefer to leave a fair amount of margin there.

Thank you!

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Hi @Lubby01 and welcome to our forum.

Your motor has permanent magnets but it is brushed DC motor right?

If yes, I think you can still use Cytron MD10C since it can take up to 13A continuously.

If you still have this MD10C driver somewhere, you can easily test this.

I hope this helps.