Controlling powerful motors

Hello guys,


I want to control a powerful motor not like the ones used (servo motor) I need something of the ones which work on 110\220


I am not sure if it is possible using picaxe, if so is there any tutorial or has anyone done this before?


Obvioiusly it should be powered externally and controlled by picaxe


If this is not possible what can the strongest servomotor provide me? Can it for example to move the steering wheel of a car?



If you are really going to steer a car…

You will need some sort of fine control to do so.  A stepper motor might be better for such an application.  Just turning a big AC (or DC) motor on and off will be very sloppy for this job.  Is the car used old or new?  Many newer cars are driven by wire with no real sterring column.  You could hack the power steering instead.


To jscottb

Great thanks for this insightful reply, well in fact I think you are right, indeed it is possible to hack into the car. But still my question, I need a specific model of stepper motor as you recommending to use for such a task And in the same time to be controlled by picaxe

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