Controlling pan/tilt mechanism with GY-87 IMU module

This project is a part of an ambitious one to built a 6 DOF robotic arm that mimics human movement by using different sensors on parts of the arm

@magued Nicely done. If you don’t already filter the values, you might find they help reduce jitter.

Thank you
How can I filter the values?

A simple filter would be to sum 5 values from the potentiometer and divide by 5, then send that (single) value to the servo.

Thanks a lot ,
I still need help with the sixth and last movement of the 6DOF arm…the movement from point A to B as shown in the photo…
I could get the arm extension, flexion, rotation and the so called “pincer grasp”…but I am stuck with that movement

Not quite sure which you mean. Normally an articular 6DoF arm has motors in the following areas of the arm:

I think this one…to bring it forward and backward on the X axis
c b

Effectively the “shoulder”. Since it needs to lift the highest load (i.e. subjected to the higher torque) that motor needs to be the most “powerful” (again, higher torque).

I don’t have a problem with the motor torque…the problem is that I cannot figure out what kind of sensor/module to translate the human arm movement in that direction so that the robot arm can mimic it…neither the IMU6050 nor GY-87 could help !
This is the arm I am using…I could get it move in all green directions

(in addition to the gripper)…but not in the red ones (forward and backward)

The motion you’re showing effectively moves the entire arm and is not a degree of freedom associated with the arm itself. For a human to do that, they need to bend their back.