Controlling arms with CV

Hi everyone, we’re building a system to speed up CV-controls-an-arm projects (see video below). We would love the community feedback and if you’re interested in trying it out - happy to work with you to make it run on your hardware

Some technical details: Jetson was used as a computer (even rPi can work for simple usecases), Zivid 3d scanner (also stereo cameras and realsense works), external API and Python SDK to interact with the system.

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Hi @ABRB and welcome to our forum.

I’ve seen your video and it looks really interesting!

Which robot did you use for this presentation?

It looks like this one:

In this video it’s xArm6. And we’ve run our system on multiple other arms, including UR.

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@ABRB Welcome to the RobotShop Community. To confirm, is RemBrain a company and you’re looking to commercialize the software, or more of a side project? The video and interface look well made. If it’s of interest, we may be able to explore lending you a Lynxmotion PRO arm:

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Thank you. We’re planning to commercialize it eventually. But happy to work with the community for now. As for the arm, I can definitely see us building some demos, say, fixing a cup of espresso, etc if the hardware permits (especially the gripper).

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