Controlling a proportional valve with Robotshop circuit

I am trying to control a proportional valve (PV10P12080A0) with the PCA9685 4-channel from Robotshop. However, I do not know how to proceed. Do I need an additional ESP8266 nodeMCU (currently I have it) to control? I am looking to build a controllable vacuum flow system which can be regulated automatically depending on the line pressure. If pressure is too high (above 5psi vacuum e.g. and then the valve opens completely allowing full vacuum suction for 1min e.g. and then valve closes again) I also have a pressure transducer but don’t know if I need to integrate into the PCA9685 4-channel board. I don’t know how to code or how to build the system. But I can follow if anyone decided to help. Any advice will be extremely helpful. Thank you all.

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Hi @PavelS and welcome to our forum.

Yes, you would need a main controller.

PCA9685 is compatible with Raspberry Pi , Arduino , Particle Photon, BeagleBone.

It would be good if you can start with drawing an initial scheme where you could see how to wire all of these components.

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