Controller of a motor


I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering.


Can you please recommend to me any motor controller with the following specifications? I am working on a propeller open water dynamometer. It is a device used to measure the thrust and torque of a propeller in open water during the ship design process.

Max continuous output current: 30 Ampere or more
Voltage: lower the RPM to 600 or less
Voltage: 25V or more
Encoder: Can able to handle encoder signals

I want to use on this motor Efoil brushless motor F5085 140KV Direct Drive for Propeller | Flipsky – FLIPSKY

Hello @calsj10 and welcome to the RobotShop community,

You could use this brushless motor controller:

Or if your budget is a bit lower you could try using:

But have in mind that the phase-to-phase current of the second option is 25A.

You can also check the Brushless DC Motor Controllers section of the store for more options.